Janine Prins

Drs. Janine Prins, Visiting lecturer at Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, Leiden University
Janine Prins

Janine Prins is visual anthropologist and documentary film maker. She graduated from the National Film and Television School, UK (1990-94) and Leiden University (1986).

Within the Visual Ethnography programme at Leiden University, Janine Prins has been visiting lecturer since 2009. 

At Waag Society media lab Janine Prins has been engaged in RICHES, a research project on European cultural heritage that received funding from the ERC Seventh Framework Programme. 

Janine Prins initiates projects for a variety of stakeholders. In 2007 she developed the innovative crossmedia production ‘Expeditie Europa’ for Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad for which she received an Erasmus Europedia Sponsorship Award.

Key publications