Dorien Zandbergen

Dr. Dorien Zandbergen, Lecturer and Post-doc Researcher at Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, Leiden university
Dorien Zandbergen

Dr. Dorien Zandbergen is interested in the ‘Anthropology of the Information Society.’ Her PhD thesis on the intersection of technology and spirituality in the San Francisco Bay Area. Currently she is involved in a post-doc research that is part of the NWO-funded The Future is Elsewhere program. As part of this research she enquires into the ways in which various groups in the Netherlands as well as in California seek to shape "the technological future". Among these groups are artists, programmers, entrepreneurs, policy makers and educators.

The ultimate aim of this research project is to make explicit the politics of these future-driven negotations. When technological futures are negotiated, what is also brought into the world are notions of what it means to be human, what bodies are, how power is held, what kinds of knowledge and skills are deemed important and ultimately, who is given a future and who is not.

She is also a Research Fellow at the Amsterdam based Waag Society where she organizes the Forms of Todays Futures program.

Key publications