Annemarie Samuels

Dr. Annemarie Samuels, Researcher at the Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, Leiden University
Annemarie Samuels

Annemarie Samuels is a cultural anthropologist with extensive research experience in Indonesia on the topics of disaster, HIV/AIDS, narratives, morality and care. In her current project she looks at narratives, care and moral experience among people living with HIV/AIDS in the Indonesian province of Aceh. Previous research focused on the remaking of everyday life after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami in the same area.
From January 2017 onwards Annemarie will be Assistant Professor at the Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology as well as Marie Curie Global Fellow at Harvard University and Leiden University (2017-2019) with her research project  ‘The Power of Silence: A Medical Anthropological Approach to AIDS Care Narratives.‘ In this project she will develop a theoretical and methodological approach to the role of silences within illness narratives.