Floor Hendriks

Floor Hendriks MSc., Teaching and research assistant at Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, Leiden University
Floor Hendriks

After her study Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology at the Leiden University, Floor Hendriks finished her master’s degree in Sociology: Gender, Sexuality and Society at the University of Amsterdam. She is specialized in gender, sexuality, literature and media studies.

At the institute of CA-DS Floor currently works as a teaching assistant, leading seminar groups for first year students and is a teaching assistant for the course Gender Studies. She also assists in the organization of conferences and is one of the editors of the book 'Grenzeloos, Antropologie in Leiden'.

Key publications

  • Master Thesis ‘Sex is More than Bodily Lust: A Study on How Young Christian Adults Give Meaning to Sexuality’ (2012) F.M. Hendriks
  • Grenzeloos, Antropologie in Leiden (2013) G.A. Persoon, F.M. Hendriks, I. van Genuchten, and A. de Keijzer