Babu Ram Lamichhane

Babu Ram Lamichhane, PhD Candidate at Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, Leiden University
Babu Ram Lamichhane

Babu Ram Lamichhane has a MSc in Natural Resources Management and Rural Development from the Institute of Forestry, Tribhuvan University in Nepal. Since 2009, he works in Nepal as a ‘Wildlife Research Officer’ with quasi-government organisation called ‘National Trust for Nature Conservation’.

His work includes population surveys and biological monitoring of wildlife species and their habitats. He is also involved in social surveys and community engagement programmes to develop the ability of communities to co-exist with wildlife.

Lamichhane's prior research, among other topics, included surveys of tiger and rhino populations, the rescue of the problem causing tiger/leopard and studies on small carnivores like the fishing cat, yellow-throated marten and the rusty-spotted cat in Nepal’s Terai.