Andrea Cerda-Pereira

Andrea Cerda-Pereira MA, PhD candidate at Insitute of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, Leiden Universityand Associate Researcher at ICSO- Universidad Diego Portales, Chile
Andrea Cerda-Pereira

Andrea Cerda studied Sociology at the Universidad Católica de Chile, were she researched emerging communities in local web portals, as well as prison labor programs aiming at  “rehabilitation” through work practice, as final (Licenciate) thesis topics (2000). For her MA in Social Sciences at the UvA (2003) she studied social and political participation practices of Chilean youth after the dictatorship,  and flaws in policies intended to encourage those practices. Next, she conducted a MA research project in Cultural Anthropology at Leiden (2009), which focused on the ethical dilemmas experienced by volunteers/consumers coming to India to participate in volunteer programs. Currently she is doing her Ph.D. on the production of the Chilean Exhibit for the World Fair at Shanghai, 2010 and follows the exhibitional practices involved in the national Expo experience. In her Ph.D. she reflects on the influence of branding techniques in the way national communities are being imagined today.

Key publications