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  • The Leiden School of Multimodal Ethnography?

    The Leiden School of Multimodal Ethnography?

    In this blog, Mark Westmoreland provides some insights into how the Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology at Leiden University engages with multimodal teaching & research. This is part 2 of a blog series on multimodal anthropologies.
  • Moved by the Spirit: Sensing the Divine in a Dutch Pentecostal Church

    Moved by the Spirit: Sensing the Divine in a Dutch Pentecostal Church

    Annelise Reid | | 0
    God is disappearing from the Netherlands, according to a 2016 survey. But this is misleading. New religious movements such as Pentecostalism are growing worldwide. For my MA, I made a film about 3 months’ fieldwork in a Dutch Pentecostal community.
  • Street photography and ethnographic ethics

    Street photography and ethnographic ethics

    With the accessibility of new technology and digital cameras, most of us anthropologists these days routinely make images in the field. But how do we handle the issues of trust, privacy and other ethics of ethnographic image-making?
  • Practising Visual Methods

    Practising Visual Methods

    Researchers from a variety of disciplines and countries flock to Leiden in August. Exploring the ‘ordinary’, showing emotion, and challenging existing images: they tell what draws them to spend their summer on audiovisual methods.
  • The Anger of Athens

    The Anger of Athens

    On July 15th, Metje Postma was caught up in the angry demonstration in Athens against Parliament’s impending vote to agree to Tsipras's deal with EU leaders. The protest got out of hand and was broken up by the police using tear gas.
  • Filming autism

    Filming autism

    Various visual anthropologists work in healthcare. Why is that? I found out when I started following my brother with a camera, the moment he was diagnosed with autism at age 42.
  • Anthropologies through film

    Anthropologies through film

    This October, the Nordic Anthropological Film Association (NAFA) held its annual symposium and filmfestival. I immersed myself, catching up with recent films, and debates on the various relationships between film, anthropology and viewers.
  • Liberating visual methods

    Liberating visual methods

    New adventures have appeared in the field of Anthropology. ‘Liberating!’ students say. Social theory and fieldwork combine in new ways, thanks to contemporary audiovisual practices. A glimpse into a few experiences.
  • Intercultural love in Lovina

    Intercultural love in Lovina

    Masterstudent Cecile Schimmel is doing fieldwork in Indonesia. Her research is on intercultural love relationships, her location Lovina Beach, northern Bali. She applies Visual Ethnography as a method. A report from the field by a visiting lecturer.