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  • Towards a heterodox and reflexive economics

    Towards a heterodox and reflexive economics

    After the 2008 financial crisis, the call for a more heterogeneous approach to studying and teaching economics intensified. But how can heterodoxy take up a more prominent place in economic science? A Cultural Anthropologist offers three suggestions.
  • Practising Visual Methods

    Practising Visual Methods

    Researchers from a variety of disciplines and countries flock to Leiden in August. Exploring the ‘ordinary’, showing emotion, and challenging existing images: they tell what draws them to spend their summer on audiovisual methods.
  • January: Fieldwork Month

    January: Fieldwork Month

    January is traditionally known as the leatherworking month or wolf month, but I spent this January involved in the anthropological tradition of fieldwork, by supervising four groups of students carrying out field research on De Veluwe.
  • The daily  life of an anthropologist?

    The daily life of an anthropologist?

    Anthropologists are known for studying how people go about their every day lives. It may be interesting to turn the tables and ask what a day in the life of an anthropologist looks like.
  • Anthropologists in the company of gatekeepers

    Anthropologists in the company of gatekeepers

    My recent start of new fieldwork in Suriname and French Guiana raises interesting questions about ‘entering the field’. How is it that the process of negotiating access to people and places is in itself a major source of knowledge about power relations?
  • Liberating visual methods

    Liberating visual methods

    New adventures have appeared in the field of Anthropology. ‘Liberating!’ students say. Social theory and fieldwork combine in new ways, thanks to contemporary audiovisual practices. A glimpse into a few experiences.
  • Intercultural love in Lovina

    Intercultural love in Lovina

    Masterstudent Cecile Schimmel is doing fieldwork in Indonesia. Her research is on intercultural love relationships, her location Lovina Beach, northern Bali. She applies Visual Ethnography as a method. A report from the field by a visiting lecturer.