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  • Street photography and ethnographic ethics

    Street photography and ethnographic ethics

    With the accessibility of new technology and digital cameras, most of us anthropologists these days routinely make images in the field. But how do we handle the issues of trust, privacy and other ethics of ethnographic image-making?
  • Practising Visual Methods

    Practising Visual Methods

    Researchers from a variety of disciplines and countries flock to Leiden in August. Exploring the ‘ordinary’, showing emotion, and challenging existing images: they tell what draws them to spend their summer on audiovisual methods.
  • When dreams shape our day

    When dreams shape our day

    Dreams appear only to the individual, but seem to come from a source outside our social selves. Do we allow them to shape our days? Comparing Dutch and Kyrgyz social contexts, we understand how profoundly cultural these processes are.
  • Postcards from the field

    Postcards from the field

    Just before leaving for my fieldwork I received a gift from two of my colleagues to take with me: a set of colouring pencils and blank postcards. What became of these empty pages and the promise to send drawings home while I was in the field?
  • Carthage: The image of a lost city

    Carthage: The image of a lost city

    An exhibition always poses problems of representation. In the case of the lost city of Carthage: stereotypes and a lack of information. By its upcoming exhibition the National Museum of Antiquities seeks to shed new light on the Tunisian Unesco site.