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  • Will women talk about the war?

    Will women talk about the war?

    Rosi Aryal | | 0
    How do women talk about violent experiences? How can we understand women’s stories of war without reproducing stereotypes of female victimhood or subservience? Rosi Aryal won the Speckmann award with her MA research on war time violence in Sierra Leone.
  • The anthropologist and the key

    The anthropologist and the key

    This year’s ‘Veldwerk NL’ students revealed the importance of the key in anthropological research. It not only symbolises access, it creates possibilities to break down prejudices and pave the way to constructive human interaction.
  • The Anger of Athens

    The Anger of Athens

    On July 15th, Metje Postma was caught up in the angry demonstration in Athens against Parliament’s impending vote to agree to Tsipras's deal with EU leaders. The protest got out of hand and was broken up by the police using tear gas.
  • Mali’s Heritage: Beyond Timbuktu

    Mali’s Heritage: Beyond Timbuktu

    Mali is in the news because of the deployment of Dutch military personnel. Media coverage conjures up images of the 2012 destruction of Timbuktu’s World Heritage mausoleums and mosques. Might heritage also have a role in bringing peace and national unity?