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  • Postcards from the field

    Postcards from the field

    Just before leaving for my fieldwork I received a gift from two of my colleagues to take with me: a set of colouring pencils and blank postcards. What became of these empty pages and the promise to send drawings home while I was in the field?
  • The peculiar case of (non) creativity

    The peculiar case of (non) creativity

    Creativity is one of the buzzwords everyone seems to be after - individuals, businesses, education institutions and even states. Some seem to succeed better than others. But is that really the case? What are our views on what is creative and what is not?
  • The problem of ‘culture’ in the New Economy

    The problem of ‘culture’ in the New Economy

    Governments around the world postulate digital entrepreneurship as the key to their nations’ economic future. Yet it seems that this call for more entrepreneurial citizens also goes hand in hand with a request to change culture.