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  • Learning and belonging in ladies-only kickboxing

    Learning and belonging in ladies-only kickboxing

    Kickboxing has been promoted to young Muslim and Moroccan-Dutch women as a tool for empowerment. How can we understand their participation in sports? How are their practices influenced by dominant discourses, policies, and media on the female Muslim body?
  • Will women talk about the war?

    Will women talk about the war?

    Rosi Aryal | | 0
    How do women talk about violent experiences? How can we understand women’s stories of war without reproducing stereotypes of female victimhood or subservience? Rosi Aryal won the Speckmann award with her MA research on war time violence in Sierra Leone.
  • A new boost for feminism

    A new boost for feminism

    The word feminism has negative connotations. Yet, the stereotypes of feminists as ‘man-hating’, unsexy, complaining women have recently been shaken by Emma Watson, Beyoncé, and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. How did they give feminism a new stimulus?
  • January: Fieldwork Month

    January: Fieldwork Month

    January is traditionally known as the leatherworking month or wolf month, but I spent this January involved in the anthropological tradition of fieldwork, by supervising four groups of students carrying out field research on De Veluwe.
  • 14.8%


    Before the millenium the Netherlands had one of the lowest percentages of female full professors in the world. What has changed since then and what does it tell us about gender equality in academia?